A large number of government agencies rely on ID documents to verify a person’s identity. Although a small number of staff are trained to spot fake documents the majority are not in a position to do so, giving criminals, fraudsters and terrorists the opening they are waiting for. Reaching their aims could have devastating consequences for the state and for human life and they will go the extra mile to ensure that the document they present looks as authentic as possible.

Human error in verifying an ID document can result in unmeasurable harm –  immigrants illegally entering a country or being granted residency or work permits, fraudsters claiming undue social security benefits, personnel gaining unauthorised access to classified information that can put national security at risk. The list is endless.

Deploying easy-to-use and highly-configurable software such as ID Probe empowers staff to leverage the latest in security technology, reducing the chances of human error while validating the identity of a person.

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