Entertainment establishments and organisers invest heavily in ensuring security at entry points and throughout the venue is top notch.   One of the main security check is to ensure that patrons are of the necessary age to be able to enter the venue, ensuring that the establishment is fully compliant with laws that govern alcohol, gentlemen’s clubs, brothels or gambling.  Such checks are typically carried out by manual inspection of identification documents making them easily susceptible to underage clients using fake ID documents.  Equipping security personnel with user-friendly and customisable package   such as ID Probe allows them to leverage the latest in security technology, ensuring compliance and reducing the chances of human error.


Another key feature of ID Probe that is quite useful for the entertainment industry is the ability to keep track of all patrons entering a venue.  The record itself could act as a deterrent to criminals and trouble makers.  In the event of clients engaging in inappropriate or criminal activity while on the premises a record of all patrons becomes an invaluable resource to security personnel, investigators and law enforcement.

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