ID Document Verification System

Infrared and MRZ B900 Check

Displays the documents as seen under infrared light and checks that the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) print absorbs light in the B900 bank (close to infrared) – a common security feature in passports and other identification documents

Ultraviolet Images

Displays images of documents as seen under UV light making it easy to visualise various security features and easily spot tampered documents

UV Dull Check

Runs a UV Dull check to measure how much UV light is absorbed by the document, highlighting any instances of documents printed on materials that are not UV dull.

MRZ Verification

Validates checksums within the MRZ and compares this with information on the RFID chip (present in biometric passports), if available

ID Document Database

Compares the scanned document to a database of known documents adding further confirmation that the document has not been tampered with

Age Verification

Confirms that the document belongs to a person older than a specified minimum age, making it easy to identify underage clients at age-restricted venues and events

OVD Images

Displays images of documents in visible light at an angle, making its Optical Variable Device (OVD) features easy to view

Expiry Date

Checks the document expiry date making it easy to identify persons using expired documentation

Biometric / RFID Chip

Checks for the presence of an RFID chip which is present in biometric passports and other identification documents and authenticates the chip, highlighting instances where the chip has been tampered with

Comparison of Data from Multiple Sources

Compares the visible photo and MRZ printed on the card to the MRZ and photo found on the RFID chip when available

Fully Customisable

Allows administrators to define various user access levels, configure which checks should be run and the sensitivity levels of particular checks

GDPR Compliant

Allows administrators to configure whether scanned data should be retained and for how long, ensuring that data is only stored on the system for as long as needed. This together with the relevant search features and option to delete data ensures compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection legislation



The intuitive user interface continuously updates to show scanning progress. Scanned details and analysis results appear on screen as the information is read.


Once a scan is completed, a results summary is displayed. Indicators easily highlight the checks that were successful, the ones that failed and the ones which could not be determined.


Administrators have the flexibility to configure the application to suit their needs and environment. The main screen can be configured to make the most important widgets more prominent than others or even hide widgets completely to only show relevant information. Checks are completely customisable and can be toggled on or off as needed.

Verify ID Documents